Stating an Optimistic Case

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Stating an Optimistic Case

by Brian Berk, The Music & Sound Retailer Magazine

Despite difficult times, accessories, bags and cases manufacturers continue to show strength

Often, the sales of accessories/bags and cases are affected directly by the products they improve, such as guitars and percussion products. This was of course the case in 2020. However, while sales dropped for many during the worst days of the COVID-19 pandemic, shortly after the lockdowns were lifted, products like guitars sold effectively thanks to play-at-home musicians. So did manufacturers of accessories, bags and cases ride that wave? Are they seeing sales improvement even as the coronavirus pandemic continues? And what does the future hold for this all-important MI segment?

Answering these questions and more are our panel of experts: Jeremy Payne...The Music People. Christopher Roberts...The Music People. Mark Blasko...OMG Music. A joint response by Max Lintner...and Hilary Brown...Kyser. Jolil Ula...ProX. John Hsiao...Odyssey Cases.

"After the initial shutdown, we have seen quite an uptick across most categories. It started with consumables, such as strings and picks, but quickly migrated over to other accessories, like guitar straps and cases." - Mark Blasko, managing partner, operations, OMG Music

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Last Update: November, 2020