Free Masks For Music Stores and Their Employees

The Mask

Download the Masks4Music PDF

The design of the mask was inspired by Suay Sew Shop in Los Angeles, who tested materials for mask making and found that by using blue shop towels, they could make a mask that could block up to 95% of the particles they could test, while cotton masks only blocked 20% to 60%.

It is made from a double layer of blue shop towels with a single inside layer of tight knit muslin cotton. We've not done extensive testing, but it seems to have survived a few wash cycles, so it is reusable.

The masks are non-medical grade and not meant as a replacement for N95 or other medical grade respirators, however the CDC is now recommending we all wear some type of mask to:

  • Help protect others from droplets/particles when you cough/sneeze
  • Help keep demand down for the medical grade respirators which are so desperately needed by our first responders.

How Can My Store Get Masks?

Just click the email link below to request your masks. We'd ask that you keep it to one for each of your store employees for now so we can supply as many stores as possible, but we will do our best to supply anyone in need. You don't have to be a current OMG Music dealer to request masks - these are available to anyone in the US music retail industry.

Send us an email at

We're OMG Music, a manufacturer and distributor of musical instrument accessories in Sheridan, Indiana. We make guitar straps for many different brands in the music industry, as well as our own which include Henry Heller Music and Lock-It Straps. Our customers are the independent music shops around the country. They have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Our factory has been re-tooled to begin production of semi-disposable masks that will be distributed to music retailers free of charge. Along with restaurants, specialty retailers have been among the hardest hit small businesses in the nation. Our goal is to provide these businesses and their employees personal mask protection so that they can stay safe and healthy while concentrating on getting back to providing the wonderful gift of music to our local communities and schools.

First off, be kind! We are all in this together and let's prove kindness is more contagious than COVID-19!

Next, figure out how you can help and get on it! We can sew - what can you do?

The masks are for free, but if you would like to contribute you can find a link to the GoFundMe page here. The funds raised will go directly to costs and supplies for providing these masks free of charge to those in need in our industry. There are thousands of music retailers across the nation and we want to be able to offer them as much support as we can. Using our manufacturing economies of scale, we can make these fast and inexpensively, so even a small donation goes a long way!

About Henry Heller

Henry Heller is the music lifestyle brand of parent company OMG Music. Based in Sheridan, Indiana, OMG Music has been melding music, fashion, fun, and affordability since 1990. We source only the finest leathers, cottons, woven ribbons, and a host of other materials both domestically and abroad and bring them to our Sheridan factory for one purpose: to manufacture quality products as unique as your own musical journey.